Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Download Firefox 3 Today (And Help Set a New World Record)

Mozilla's going for the gold today by attempting to set the world record for the most downloaded piece of software in a twenty-four hour period with their latest update to Firefox. Those of you that already use Firefox know that it's better than Internet Explorer in almost every way imaginable including its safety, its password and bookmark management systems, its built-in spell checker and pop-up blocker, and its ability to integrate a number of user created add-ons.

The newest version improves upon version 2.0 in a number of ways by offering even more security features, one-click bookmarking, instant website ID, a smart location bar, and more (a complete list of the dozens of upgrades can be viewed here). I've had it installed since earlier this afternoon and I already think it's a huge improvement over the older model, which is saying a lot.

At the time of this posting the current number of downloads is at 2,078,939
and you can track that number either globally or by nation at Mozilla's official Download Day website until around ten o'clock PST tomorrow morning. You can also use this site to read an FAQ about the software if you have any questions about it (like how to transfer all of your Internet Explorer information over to Firefox).

If you've ever had problems with internet security in the past, hate pop-ups, are a terrible speller, or you're just looking to help set a world record, I'd definitely recommend giving Firefox a try. Click
here to download it and check it out.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Last Night's Tornado

I'm sure that by now everyone reading this knows that there was a pretty severe storm that rolled through the central area of Kansas last night and that the storm eventually created a tornado that completely ravaged Chapman and parts of Manhattan. Since a lot of people from out of town seem to be curious about what happened around here, Kansas State University has put up this collection of some of the damage on and around campus. Below are a few of the more severe ones (click to enlarge).

Since the campus was obviously in no state to operate today (current estimates put the repairs at somewhere around twenty million dollars) and many of the businesses around town were either in a similar state or had no power, a lot of people decided to go around town to check out the damage and take pictures, so thanks to Eric Janzen, Chris Conrow, and Mason Riphahn for taking all of the photos below.

A few of the businesses over on Seth Childs got hid pretty hard as well. Here's the Toyota delearship:

And, probably the worst damage in all of Manhattan, here's where True Value used to stand: